Nuxeo v5.6 workflow: Should I see the pre v5.6 "Serial document workflow" workflow in Studio?

I cannot see the Serial Document workflow (default) in Studio.

I want to use v5.6 “Serial Document Workflow as a replacement for the “default” workflow to transition pre 5.6 custom document life cycles. Is this “Serial Document Workflow” of v5.6 available in Studio? Do I need to generate a simple “Serial Document workflow” satisfy the first question? How do I get this workflow to show as an option when I run Nuxeo with my custom updates?

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The Serial workflow is deployed by default in 5.6. If you want to see its template definition in Studio, you can import the “Nuxeo Routing Default” application template in your Studio project. ( go to Settings & Versioning, Application Templates and Browse Templates ).

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