How to apply the default workflow (content routing) on my doc type on Nuxeo 5.6

  • I created a document type with Studio for Nuxeo 5.6
  • I want to have the ability to apply the defaul serial workflow on my document type
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The default is available only for the 5.6 version released (not in RCs)

Actually there is no simple way to do that, but we plan to improve that soon.

Waiting this improvement here is the way:

  • In Studio
  • In Advanced Settings > XML Extensions > New
  • Feature ID : DefaultWorkflowFilterOverride

Copy this following content:

  <extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService" point="filters">
    <filter id="filter@SerialDocumentReview">
      <rule grant="true">
      <rule grant="false">

Where TonTypeDoc1, TonTypeDoc2 is your doc types name on which the workflow will be enabled.

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hello, thank you for that, but how can we make appear the Default Workflow in Nuxeo Studio ?

I would like to modify it (changer le State en fonction d'où on en est dans le WF par exemple)

Thank you


We plan to let it available as Application Template in Nuxeo Studio through Settings & Versioning > Application Templates

yes, that would be very nice… can you let us know here when it's gonna be available ? we can't wait :)