what is the id of the default workflow??

i know that if a make a new document type the workflow doesnt apply to my new document type

I'm guided by this guide http://doc.nuxeo.com/display/Studio/Enable+workflow+on+your+document+type

what is the default id or name of the workflow?? i only need the default id and i can´t find it in anywhere.

i´m using nuxeo DM 5.6 and nuxeo studio 2.11

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Hello, The default workflow in DM 5.6 is built with the new workflow system introduced in 5.6. As mentioned in the documentation, the guide you are using applies to target versions of the Nuxeo Platform up to 5.5. You need to check the new documentation here. Take a look at the question “How can I disable the default existing workflow SerialDocumentReview for the documents of type File and Note “in the FAQ section.

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