Nuxeo Drive : "pause" mode (synchro disabled) by default

I wish to use Nuxeo Drive for online editing purpose only. One way is to use ndrive in pause mode by suspending synchro.
But I can't see “pause” command option when lauching ndrive …. Is this the right way ? NB : I could see in that ndrive starts in pause mode only if debug log option is enable.
Thanks for any suggestion. Henri

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Bonjour Henri,

we have had the same kind of problem and solved it server side by filtering some actions (such as synchronize) according to the membership of the current user to a dedicated group. By default, users cannot use Nuxeo Drive, some can only edit online and others can synchronize folderish documents.

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Thanks Pibou ! This is actually a solution. I changed filters like this, but nothing changed :

<extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService"

<filter id="can_drive_edit">
          <rule grant="true">
          <rule grant="false">

 <filter id="can_sync_current_doc">
          <rule grant="false">
          <rule grant="true">


Any idea ? Henri

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