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Thanks for the response. I downloaded the newest release of LiveEdit and tried it on the user's machine. Now documents open correctly in Word even if Word is not already open.

But (and there often is a “but”), now when she goes to close documents, if the “autosave” has kicked in on the document, she gets the message “Do you want to save changes you made to Autorecovery Save of

If she says “Yes” to the save, the document correctly is saved to Nuxeo but it remains locked on the system (so she has to go into Nuxeo and unlock it manually).

Any thoughts?

Albert Gostick

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Thanks for the link to the bug report. Can anyone explain what the checkbox "remember my choice" on the Nuxeo save dialog is supposed to do? Does it mean that whenever a Nuxeo document is closed it is saved back to the repository without prompting the user at all?

This checkbox is there to avoid prompting if you want to save the document in Nuxeo repository each time you do Ctrl+S for example. As a consequence, if you have checked this box while you were working on the document, it will be saved automatically when you close the window.

So if I understand you, that would mean that if the user decided that they did not want to save the document after all, that there would be no way for them to back out of the document (perhaps they started to edit a document and then realized that they should not change the original but instead do a "save as" to a new document name).

Secondly, does the checkbox just apply to the current document or does it apply to all documents going forward?



I will start by the second question: the checkbox does just apply to the current document. About the first question, yes if somebody does "save as", then checkes the box and click "no", she won't be able to save anymore … but it's a little weird to ask for saving but then answering no to the dialog box and checking the box ..

AFAIK, the last version of Nuxeo LiveEdit is disabling the autosave feature to prevent MS Office to create .asd file

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