Does exiting Eclipse while Nuxeo server is running create zombie processes?

I found several JVM's running on my CENTOS Linux system and I think it's from exiting Eclipse without first stopping the Nuxeo/Tomcat server process.

Is this correct operation?

If I restart Eclipse, then restart the Nuxeo/Tomcat server do I get two process running?

I'm asking this without much testing because I want to be certain this is not a “feature”…;-)

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If the server is run twice the second will not work because it will try to listen on the same port. And that's not possible. Anyway you have to understand that Nuxeo IDE starts Nuxeo as usual with the launcher but with a dedicated nuxeo.conf. So having 2 jvm started is normal: one for eclipse and one for tomcat. And if you stop the server through IDE and the server is not available you can be confident on the fact that the server is down.

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Such behaviour is not a wanted "feature". If you find zombie processes, please fill a Jira issue with the steps for reproducing it.