Firefox or chrome/chromium?

Chrome is a lot faster than FF (on windows).

Under linux, Chrome is faster than FF too, but if compared to Chrome on windows the performance remains really behind. Why this?

Am I the only one working with nuxeo under linux? Has anyone noticed the big difference between running nuxeo under windows and linux? Is there a way to tweek chrome or FF to be more responsive on linux? Is this related in any way to nuxeo?

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I'm not sure to understand what you observed in terms of performance about Linux versus Windows and Firefox versus Chrome.<br> What big difference did you notice between running Nuxeo under Windows and Linux? Of course, I expect any (Java) application having better performances under Linux.<br> At Nuxeo, most developers are working under Linux, some under Mac OS X and a few under Windows. We are also mostly using Firefox and Chrome, sometimes Safari or IE.<br> Finally, what is your question about Nuxeo?

The big difference is simply the speed. I agree with you when you say that you expect any java app to have better performance under linux.

Anyway, the fact is that my nuxeo server runs under linux ubuntu 8.04, pgsql 8.3. Clients are linux and windows, mostly running chrome browser. With nearly the same hardware specs, the windows clients enjoy a far more faster experience with nuxeo. Why?

Can it be java related on the client side? It can't be on the server side because of the windows client incredible performance. Or is it a browser concern, running slower under linux than windows? Indeed, several browser benchmarks cast a better browser performance under windows.

What do you think?


This is not related in any way to Nuxeo.
I have no idea about the browser performance under various OS. Did you check the versions were the same (Windows users often install latest downloadable release, whereas Linux users usually wait for a new release being distributed from their package management system)?

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Thanks. I agree with you: it can't be related to nuxeo. The FF and Chrome versions are the latest ones available under both OS. Damn, windows beats linux… it is not the best of worlds! :-)

Anyway, it is a fact that there are linux and windows nuxeo users and we can't imagine any nuxeo user without a browser, be it under linux or under windows.

So it could be a main concern for nuxeo team to be sure their app runs smoothly in any major browsers.

Imagine an end user testing nuxeo under linux ubuntu 10.04 with latest version of chrome (1Ghz CPU and 1 Mo RAM pc). He waits about 5 seconds for the dashboard to be displayed (6 or 7 under FF). On the other hand, another user under windows waits about 0.5 seconds with identical hardware specs (but only 512 Mo RAM)… The linux user will be disappointed to see such a poor performance and naturally will think the problem is related to nuxeo, such a heavy app. He'll give up!

Indeed, the same linux user uses Chrome to browse the web, and this is really fast, pages display almost instantly. So, it is clear this is NOT a nuxeo related problem, but indeed a nuxeo concern.

Maybe it would a good idea to give some hints about this issue on nuxeo docs.

I'm a disappointed ubuntu-chrome-nuxeo user. Anyway, I know this is not related to nuxeo and I really think nuxeo is a brilliant app, leaving far behind alfresco and others. So, of course, I will continue using it on a daily basis as usual. I hope other linux users will do as well…


Please do not use the answer field to post replies to other answers: use the comment field instead or better use the forum for openended discussions.

Also: they are plenty of nuxeo users who use linux and so far did not notice any big rendering time difference between linux and windows clients. Please provide objective numbers using tools such as:

If there is any big difference that is caused by the rendering or loading of Nuxeo page element then please feel free to report a bug on jira.


Also note a lot of Nuxeo stuff is generated/initialized at first access. The first login after server startup, for instance, will take a few seconds independently of the client OS. Maybe that led you to wrong comparisons.

thank you for your answers. This is really appreciated. I'll have a look at google page speed and provide objective numbers if they are interesting.