Different Metadata for different groups

Hi. We are testing nuxeo DAM as replacement for our existing DAM-system. Everything looks fine and runs very smooth so far, except one thing:
We need different (custom) metadata for different groups / folder / repositories (or whatever) and don't know how to do this… Background: we have several departments (eg. public relations, historical institute etc) with differend needs and don't want to have one realy big set of custom metadata displyed wich is absolutly confusing for users.

Alexander Strothmann

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What you want to do requires creating customizations built on top of the Nuxeo framework. For DAM customizations take a look at the following.

These articles do require a base level of understanding of how to customize Nuxeo using the Nuxeo IDE (in Eclipse). It's possible also to look to use Nuxeo Studio for the required customizations for DAM but I have not done this (I always use the IDE).

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