How to get through CMIS the available document types in my folder?

In the Nuxeo's interface I can see the restriction created in my folder (my folder –> Manage tab –> Local Configuration sub-tab –> Document types configuration) but I don't see its using CMIS

My code is:

public List

Folder someFolder = (Folder) session.getObjectByPath(folderPath);
List<ObjectType> listType = someFolder.getAllowedChildObjectTypes();

for (ObjectType objectType : listType) {

return listType;


My code returns an empty list but should return the list of the available document types.


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I don't believe Nuxeo 7.2 currently populates the cmis:allowedChildObjectTypeIds property for folders. You might want to submit this as an enhancement request/bug report to Nuxeo.

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