Could not run configuration: Unreachable bind address /

I just downloaded the Windows installer for Nuxeo 8.10 on to my Windows 10 system. I installed it in a folder I created at F:\Nuxeo. When I try to run the .bat file to launch Nuxeo there is an error that displays in the command line window stating “Could not run configuration: Unreachable bind address /”.

I did not modify any files after installing Nuxeo. I tried turning off the Windows 10 firewall but that did not make a difference. I have looked around the documentation and forums but was not able to find any hints as to what might be causing this issue or how to fix it.

I have attached the nuxeo.conf file installed by the installer

FILES:   nuxeo.conf
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the problem is related to java 8 update 121 and cause this problem on nuxeo 5.8 also.

i dont know why the bind address is not allowed anymore, a quick fix is to put the local ip address or to install the previous java version before 8 update 121.

how to : modify nuxeo.conf

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