Upgrading an embedded Nuxeo 5.5 instance to Nuxeo 5.6

We use an embedded instance of Nuxeo 5.5 to implement a suite of RESTful web services. Do any release notes exist specifically for upgrading from an embedded Nuxeo 5.5 instance to Nuxeo 5.6?

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What embedding method did you use?

If you refer to one of those using nuxeo-distribution-tools and described in Embed Nuxeo Server in your own application, I can't remember it has been aligned on 5.5 and though it was still using Nuxeo 5.4.

Else, if you used the Nuxeo Embedded Eclipse Plug-in, it should not differ from a standard upgrade but I'll let someone else from the IDE/Eclipse team answer.

Or maybe you followed another one?

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