Nuxeo Studio development mode uninstalls my custom package - how can I troubleshoot?

I have a Nuxeo Studio project, and I have a self-built Marketplace package that I use to install custom Java extension code. When I use the server development mode to load the latest Studio project, I receive a message like the following:

07:39:18,587 WARN  [AppCenterViewsManager] Got warnings on package validation myorg-0.0.0-SNAPSHOT -> [The package myorg-nuxeo-package-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT will be uninstalled!]

myorg-0.0.0-SNAPSHOT is the Studio project and myorg-nuxeo-package-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT is my custom one.

Then the server spends much time uninstalling my custom marketplace package, forcing me to reinstall it. How can I avoid this uninstallation behavior? I tried turning the logging to DEBUG but I didn't see any extra information about what caused the “warnings on package validation,” or even if those warnings are the reason that the Studio update uninstalls my Java code.

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I believe this code is the source of my problem.

public synchronized String getActivePackageId(String name) {
    name = name + '-';
    for (Entry<String, PackageState> entry : states.entrySet()) {
        if (entry.getKey().startsWith(name)
                && entry.getValue().isInstalled()) {
            return entry.getKey();
    return null;

I don't think this can distinguish between myorg-0.0.0-SNAPSHOT and myorg-nuxeo-package-0.9.0-SNAPSHOT, so the second one gets listed as needing to be uninstalled. I renamed the Nuxeo package name in package.xml for the second package and everything worked as it should.

Can someone please confirm this as the cause, and either explain to me why it is not a bug or help me open a bug report? Thanks!

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I'm not sure about the cause, but it does look like a bug, so please create a bug report and we'll see what we can do to avoid that behaviour.

You can click on the button "report a bug" on the top right of this screen and give steps to reproduce (as detailed as you can).



Thanks for the report