Best way to disable PostgreSQL with a Linux APT install?

Our PostgreSQL instance runs on a different host than the Nuxeo server. Is there a best way to avoid installing/starting PostgreSQL on the Nuxeo server when installing from the Linux package?

I can shut it down after installation but that seems like a hack.

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The PostgreSQL package itself is a dependency of the Nuxeo package, so it will be installed with its default cluster if you use the nuxeo deb package.
However, if you select “Configure database in wizard”, it will not add the nuxeodb cluster (which has a different configuration than the default) and you can configure your remote PostgreSQL in the wizard. You will still have the PostgreSQL package installed and the default cluster running though.

Another option would be to use the zip packaging, it's the exact same software, you just don't get the automated dependencies installation, init.d script and custom paths.

Yet another option would be to fork our packaging scripts, remove the PostgreSQL dependencies in the control file and build your own .deb.

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Thanks for the response. At this point I've got our deploy script configured to use the provided .deb, install a custom nuxeo.conf with the appropriate DB connection parameters, and shut down the postgresql service. The automated dependencies installation of using the package manager is just too much of a time-saver right now. :)