Problem changing a document from GED - Nuxeo Drive 2.2.718

Hello everyone,

For about 2 weeks, I have a problem with Nuxeo Drive on Linux. When I try to edit directly from GED, I have this page on Firefox (problem Firefox attached)

On Chrome, I have this pop-up but nothing happens after (problem Chrome attached)

I have strictly adhered to the installation of Nuxeo Drive on Ubuntu up to the auto-starter and the included protocol manager:

I do not know why I have this problem. I synchronized the Nuxeo Drive with the GED and the small “X” in green. I also have the synchronization token with the root at the top. I feel like I've put everything together.

I do not know why I can not synchronize my files directly from GED.

Thank you very much for your help.

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The DirectEdit feature is not supported on GNU/Linux. It is not yet on the roadmap, but will be planned for a future version.

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Ah ok thank you for the information. Is there a layout date?

Another question compared to Windows. I tested some users and it worked without any problems but Nuxeo Drive asks them to access the hard drives for modifications. Being a medical company, the data is confidential. What can this cause? Is this normal on Windows?

Thanks again.


Please ask a new question for this. Don't mix two questions together.

Ah OK sorry. I will ask the question tomorrow.