Problem with synchronization tasks when i start computer without network


I've got a problem with Nuxeo Drive when I start computer without network.

When i start with network, no problem et nuxeo drive synchronize spaces.

When i start without network, nuxeo drive doesn't syncrhonize spaces ===> OK (i have not network so i can't synchronize) But, later, when i connect to network my computer , nuxeo drive doesn't synchronize too automatically. It's also impossible to start it manually. We'll have to restart computer with network as soon as he starts.

Have you the same problem ? How can i do to start nuxeo drive when i get network after having started my computer ?

Thanks four your answer

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This is not en expected behaviour. You can take a look at the logs located in $USER_HOME/.nuxeo-drive/logs/nxdrive.log, they might give a clue.

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