Is there is a realease date for the next fastrack ?


i just found that fastrack version hasn't been released yet ? have you got any release date for FT 9.1 ?

my original question : i just tried to install the latest fastrack on my ubuntu server ( xenial ) but i only find the FT 8.3 version. Do i have to use the zip archive instead or have i missed something ? jérémie

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Can't you use the LTS 2016 version?

Sure, i just reviewed the last LTS and fall into an annoying bug. So i want to check if there is a fix in the FT version (can't afford the subscription, so hotfix are not available) before trying to solve the probleme by myself

You can try to reproduce the bug on the development version 9.1-SNAPSHOT Did you find the bug in ?
If not, please report the issue.

I investigate a litlle bit more and found that the bug is related to the DAM addon. I don't find the bug in jira but maybe it will sound familiar to you : -> when the dam addon is activated, i have got this error. ( everything is fine without the dam) ERROR [http-bio-] [nuxeo-error-log] javax.servlet.ServletException: /widgets/summary/annotations_count_widget_template.xhtml @7,113 value="#{annotationsActions.getAnnotationsCount(fieldOrValue)}" /widgets/summary/annotations_count_widget_template.xhtml @7,113 value="#{annotationsActions.getAnnotationsCount(fieldOrValue)}": java.lang.NullPointerException

btw, how do i install the developpement version ?


You can use to get the SNAPSHOT Debian package.

For a report, please indicate: the Nuxeo version, the environment, the output of nuxeoctl showconf, logs (the whole stacktrace is needed) and finally the steps to reproduce.


Nuxeo Platform 9.1 FT release is scheduled around April 15th.

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You must not skip the LTS release. When using FT releases, it is recommended to register both fasttracks and releases pools:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -cs) releases"
sudo add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -cs) fasttracks"


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