Can meta data capture be forced with Drive synchronization?

I'm investigating Nuxeo as a possible solution to our document management challenge. I watched the introductory video that describes the implementation done by the electric utility guy. I liked the feature he implemented to force capture of meta-data for all files. Then I saw the video for Nuxeo Drive, which I also like. However, I wonder if there's a way to force meta-data capture for files that are uploaded through Drive synchronization? I can't even conceive of how this would work, so can't come up with a recommendation.

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What video are you talking about (“electric utility guy”)? About metadata edition, we will soon merge the ability to edit the metadata from Nuxeo Drive using an entry in the right-click menu to display a form in a popup, see NXDRIVE-56.

Metadata capture at file creation through Nuxeo Drive is not yet taken into account. Indeed it would not be trivial.

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I meant the video on this page:

In thinking about this problem, I wonder if there’s a way to programmatically tag the local parent folder with any metadata requirements (perhaps a single tag with an XML or JSON string in it or something) that Drive interprets for metadata gathering. It could use the tag data to dynamically create a dialog to present to the user for data collection.

This idea is obviously not well thought out, so please take that into account when you start to throw stones.