nuxeo-drive not working after ubuntu Bionic upgrade

nuxeo-drice was working aerfectly. V 3.0.3 After moving my workstation from ubuntu 16.04 Trusty to 18.04 Bionic, nuxeo-drive crashes at startup with the message : File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nxdrive/”, line 16, in

from PyQt4.QtWebKit import qWebKitVersion

ImportError: No module named QtWebKit

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FTR starting with Drive 4.2.0, an AppImage file is available for GNU/Linux users: No more need for manual installation, it is a self-contained file, download-and-run, that's it! :)

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The WebKit module was deprecated since a while and removed from repositories in Ubuntu 18.04. The only way to get it working is to compile it manually.

I would either wait for the next release which will be Python 3 + Qt 5 instead of Python 2 + Qt 4. Or try to use a script we used on our CI. For the script, you will have to clone the repository and read this document:

But still, keep in mind the GNU/Linux support is not official and Nuxeo Drive is no more installable from PyPi (it is kept there for no reason and will be removed soon).

Thank you for your understanding.

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