Is it possible to implement client-side tabs and switch between different document types via tab menu

I have to implement tab menu with closable tabs. One of the solutions is to add tab menu in the main template and keep set of different links to each tab content in session scope. But that solution does not allow to keep client-side actions/changes and they are lost after tab switch (e.g. edit of tinyMCE field without save and the switching to another tab loses all information about undo/redo).

So is it possible to implement such tabs that are client-side and reload the backend data via AJAX (navigationContext etc.)?

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Welcome Stan :D

For a first question, this is a bit hard. :D Even you made your stuff in AJAX, you will have to manage server side the state of each tab.

You have to understand that JSF maintain server side the dom send to the client. Or maybe there is something tricky that can be done without managing server side, but I'm not confident about that.

I let someone with better knowledge in JSF to answer. But this feature will need a really good knowledge in JSF/A4J/javascript I think.