Is there any effort to localize at least the user guides?

Is there any effort to localize at least the user guides?

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We are planning to provide a French translation of the user guides and the Studio documentation, but no due date is decided yet. Of course, we would welcome and support any contribution in other languages :)

We think that the online documentation should remain in English, but translations could be available in PDF with the other PDF exports of the documentation for instance. Nothing is decided though and we're open to discussion.

By the way, have you filled the doc survey?

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How do you intend to keep the translations in sync?

The English documentation is the reference and kept up-to-date during development. When releasing Nuxeo, the English documentation is released at the same time.

I would recommend to generate a diff between latest and previous versions. That diff will then be usable for updating translations. The process used to update the French translation will be fully described. Of course, we'll need contributions for updating the other translations.


Yes, a process description and some kind of 'changelog/diff' for each released documentation would greatly simplify translation. However, only text translations are not enough. Image references of localized formulars must also be maintained!?

An option we are considering is to translate the documentation at the time of the release. Between two releases, only the english online documentation would be updated (most of the time, changes on the documentation of a released version are limited). This english version would remain the reference documentation.

Do you already have instructions on what templates can be used to translate the manual, i.e. where can I find those English base files (in the repository), how can I build the documentation, …?