Upload files preserving creation date

When I upload several files, creation date is changed from its original to the current upload date. How can I upload files preserving original creation date? Thanks.

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The date on the Nuxeo document is set to the current date because that's the date the Nuxeo wrapper document is created (not the attached binary object). There is no switch/configuration capability to change that basic functionality.

If you wish to preserve the file date then you could: (a) create a custom field to save the file date, or (b) Nuxeo doesn't recommend doing so, but you could change the dublincorelistener class to modify its behaviour. Both appproaches require customization, but (a) will be easier to maintain long term. Making changes to the dublincorelistener is possible but more involved.

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Thanks. Can you point me to the documentation where I can find how to do (a)?

You'll have to create a simple plugin to add a new field and then populate it when a new document is imported/created You can use Studio to do this or create using the Nuxeo IDE (in eclipse). The nuxeo documentation site has numerous resources to get you started with either approach.

> Studio documentation: http://doc.nuxeo.com/display/Studio/Nuxeo+Studio+Getting+Started+Guide

> Nuxeo IDE: http://doc.nuxeo.com/display/IDEDOC/Nuxeo+IDE+Documentation+Center