MySql Is really that bad?

I want to know how really bad is MySql, or if im missing some configuration, i didnt have any issue with the default nuxeo configuration (H2+Derby) but when i configure nuxeo to work with MySql a lot of issues begin to show, time connection errors, unknown errors when i try to reach some folders, content not displayed,and the list goes on and on, ive readed the documentation, and the only configuration that its mentioned is the JBOSS configuration, and i have TOMCAT, plus it just say that the only configuration needed its the my.cnf lower_case_table_names=1, besides that and the autoReconnect=1 do i have to do something else?

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We strongly recommend for our customers to use PostgreSQL or Oracle or MS SQL for production and H2/Derby for test. We have created an entry into the documentation to explain why we think Nuxeo on MySQL is a bad idea.

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Nevertheless in normal basic use MySQL should be ok and you should never have unknown errors and weird stuff happening.

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