How to configure to receive emails?

Hello to the community,

I have a concern about email notifications. When I create a user and set “No” to “Set password for user”, I have a blue alert: “Guest user” But no mail is sent.

I would like to know why? I put you in screenshot data of the conf file so that you can help me because it's been 4 days that I'm stuck.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello, You have to configure email information based on this guide : Here it is an example :
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Yes I had seen but even supplementing with this help, I do not see anything else to fill. Because users and passwords are not required.

I feel like I have filled everything, where I have to fill things up.


Configuration depends on email you will use( for example gmail). You have to fill email and password because this email will be used to send automated emails when you invite a user.

If my company is called abba, can I easily set my own address with

It must be a mail question from a valid address? Or can I put

What is the priority between the configuration file via the terminal and the setup in Nuxeo?

Thanks for your help.


Address must be valid. If you want to use name@abba,fr you should change the configurations (ports, protocol, host etc) depending on your email domain. The same configuration you can do via terminal or the setup. It depends on your choice.

I think my configuration is ideal but it still does not work. I probably forgot something? I do not understand very well.

nuxeo.notification.eMailSubjectPrefix = "[Nuxeo]" = mail.transport.port = 25 mail.transport.auth = true mail.transport.password = password mailservice.password = password = SMTP mail.transport.protocol = SMTP mail.user = = mail.debug =

Where are the mails stored on the server located? In the database?