What is the target release date for Nuxeo 5.6?

Is there a scheduled or target release date for Nuxeo 5.6?

Thanks, Bruce.

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Hi Bruce, there is yes. We are targeting late June early July. We will very soon post some info about that. Feel free to join http://www.nuxeo.com/en/resource-center/webinar/nuxeo-cto-hour for more discussion about the roadmap in general. Cheers,

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Thanks Roland. I followed the link and signed up for the seminar - the web page says the event is June 5, 2012, but the email I received says the date is May 15 2012 (see below). Now I wonder if the URL and time in the email are correct. Please advise.

Bruce, we just rescheduled this webinar and this was a bug in our connexion with Webex. It is fixed. Date is clearly June 5. You will receive reminders with the right date, time and link as well a bit before the event. Thanks for raising this error.